Vision Old

Steven and Karla are cycling with the world discovering how to thrive in harmony with nature, grow community and re-awakening humanity’s bond with the natural world. Their vision is to lay routes regeneratively rewinding a vast landscape far beyond the horizon…


If you are asking the same question, then welcome home

Our Life Blueprint

  1. Vegan Philosophy
  2. Alcohol, Smoke & drug-free
  3. Mostly use water to hydrate
  4. Daily intermittent fasting (Ideally 18/6)
  5. Eat primarily unprocessed, SOS-free (salt, oil & sugar) food
  6. Have cold showers inspired by (Wim Hof Method)
  7. Regualar Meditation and breath work
  8. Be mindful of nature in all our decision making
  9. Minimalism is more
  10. Listening, patience, love and compassion heal all
  11. Set "groundaries".
  12. Control what you can control (Stoic Philosophy)
  13. Find your Ikigai (Japanese Concept)



We call forth our fellow humans to unite in peace and love, to end all systems of war and cruelty. We ask each person to see themselves as a Protector of our natural world, to safeguard the weak and speak for the well-being of all species. We are living to end systems of discrimination, racism, speciesism, white supremacy, structures of colonialism and oppression of any person, animal or being. Rise with us to create a new world order rooted in abundant love, empathy and kindness for all. We call for each individual to awaken to their higher selves and act with compassion for all.


We call for climate justice at every level of society. It is time to release the destructive shackles of past and present colonialism and grant all peoples access to a safe and thriving life. We call for an end to systemic racism and discrimination. We rise above climate change to demand systems change. Invest in the underrepresented and support carbon-negative initiatives. We call for the end of fossil fuel consumption and to replace toxic industries with regenerative practices. We call for an end to modern slavery in which people and animals are exploited and used to power destructive economies.


We call for immediate abolition of oppression against animals and humans alike. Transform the animal consumption industries from abusive structures into gardens of peace where no being suffers. We call for a complete end to humans using animals in any way; including but not limited to, for food, products, testing, and entertainment. We support the transition of current industries into justly created plant-based alternatives where people are empowered to grow moral, eco-friendly businesses. All animals in existing industries will be granted the freedom to live out their lives in loving sanctuaries.


We call for all peoples to have open access to clean and healthy resources. May each individual experience the gift of clean air, water, honourably grown food, safe and peaceful shelter, community support and the foundations necessary to live a joyful life. We call for strong mental health support across the board and free access to holistic healthcare. We envision a way of life in which people are free to live their dreams without causing harm to others, receive free education at all levels, and thrive in a way of life closely connected with nature and community. May we see the power that blossoms when people are supported and given the foundation to live their highest purpose. This power is the true capital of community, enabling creativity, health, joy and peace to flourish.

Steven Tiller

Hello beautiful people 🧡🙏. I'm your eyes for this journey. I get to create photos and videos to share this story with you, how it exists in my imagination. The word epic is frequently used to describe these moments. I have supernova-like energy, usually calm and blending in with the scenery, but at any given moment can explode unforgettably with passion and enthusiasm to experience and explore this wonder world, usually with a big smile on my face, going down a big hill really fast with my firey red hair.

It is this unique energy that gives me the power to know I am going to help change this world. I see this potential in everyone and everything be it yourself, a cow, a fish, or an ant. We are all together right now equally alive on this big blue ball, Planet Ocean. Flying through the multiverse, perceived as a dot in comparison. Perspective is everything and coming close to death twice in my 20's is the reason I'm writing these words now. I shine my light knowing now is everything. Being a reminder that all you need is to believe and the universe will guide the rest.  

Karla Sanders

Hi, I'm Karla, an artist and Earth activist channelling the spirit of nature through visual dreamscapes, writing and poetry. My purpose is to help heal our collective bond with Nature, each other and ourselves. I do so through my personal magic, which is art and an ability to blend the many complex layers of life into provocative visualizations and stories. Through these artworks and poems, I ask poignant questions to inspire self-reflection, both empowering and confronting as I bring to light many complex subjects of injustice and consequence.

My intention is to weave the wonder and beauty of life whilst challenging you to consider the subjects. Planting seeds of ideas to grow a world where our sacred bond with Nature is honoured and the balance of ecosystems is respected. Animal liberation is at the forefront of my advocacy work, believing strongly that healing our relationship with animals is integral to the growth of an ecological civilization in which all beings are treated with love and respect.  


Much of our gear and equipment has been provided by generous sponsors who believe in what we are doing. These are primarily businesses, but also individuals who have provided funds and supportive energy.

All of our sponsors are focused on reducing their impact on the planet and improving communities. Due to Covid Steven spent about 2 years researching the most sustainable products and brands that align with our mission, as everything we carry reflects a message and intention to protect our beautiful home and those who live here.

We thank all of our sponsors who have enthusiastically supported us on the journey so far, providing physical gear and also encouragement!

We encounter people nearly every day who ask how this journey is possible for us, and they're often specifically curious about our gear. This is a great way to promote Earth-friendlier equipment through word-of-mouth.