An Introduction to Sunjack, Powering our Way

An Introduction to Sunjack, Powering our Way

We are excited to introduce our sponsor Sunjack and the solar panels who’ve become essential allies on this journey. One might think this photo shows a pleasant day at the beach, but moments before my bike malfunctioned.

What initially seemed like a quick fix turned into potentially the end of our journey and returning home. This blissful sunny scene featured below was in fact a bone chilling moment due to the blustery north England coastal wind.

Luckily Sunjack came to the rescue keeping us warm energetically, powering our spirits and electrics. Giving Steven the brain power needed to intuitively solve the issue, ordering new parts that arrived in just 48H! One minute hope is dwindling, the next abundance is all around. One of our mantras is,

“It’s always working out.”

We aim to carry equipment that’s as least impactful on our world as possible and these panels are designed and made with this same intention.

That night we scooted our way to camp on a beach and woke to a brilliant sunrise. It’s incredible to feel the sun’s power, the essential energy giving us all life. As we envision a world of ecological harmony, we know technology is part of this vision and we’ve only just begun to explore the potential of solar.

Sunjack has been our companion from the beginning, first with two of their 25 Watt solar panels, and now we’ve also received their 60 Watt panel. Which powers our MacBook Pro & iPad Pro at the same time, enabling limitless possibility’s for our moments of creativity in the wild.

In the meantime we invite you to check out Sunjack’s website and their intro video, linked below. You may spot one or two familiar faces there!

They share about their initiative to support non-profit groups globally and bring clean power to help communities thrive.

The panels are perfect for adventures of any kind, and we also think they’re great for having at home for daily use or emergency situations. Any step away from fossil fuels is a step forward for our beautiful home, the Earth, and our health.

It’s important to mention how durable these panels are, from withstanding rough conditions to functioning in cloudy weather as well. We love having them out on our bikes as we cycle, feeling somehow like bumble bees with their black and yellow design. They’ve always got our backs.

Thank you Sunjack!

Written by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart | Photos by Steven Tiller @steventiller