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Steven and Karla are exploring by bicycle, entering a new way of life to ground their roots

6000 miles, 12 Countries so far...

Revere Roots

These roots grow deep and strong supporting all life...

Presence | Give presence to all beings with love and kindness through vegan philosophy.
Empower | You become your surroundings. Prioritising the who's, what's, where's, when's and why's that Empower. Historic traumas or experiences will present new perspectives.
Mindful | Meditation, Breath Work, Yoga and Sound Baths are some of the ways to facilitate and practice mindfulness.
Revive | Cold water immersion revives immunity to the immune system. Cold showers, ice baths, natural water swims...
Cleanse | Practicing fasting cleanses the body's toxins. Let go of something you've always had e.g. Shave your head completely bald. Minimalism is inevitable, only honouring items with purpose that have the quality to last lifetimes and can bio-degrade or be recycled.
Equilibrium | When we're balanced, our focus is on needs instead of addictions like SOS (salt, oil and sugar), Social Media, Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine, Drugs, Money, Perfection, Consumerism...
Peace | During intentional extended moments of silence we learn to listen and minimise spoken words creating a peaceful mind and actions.
Passion | Expressing passion is the purest present state, invigorating every sensory stimulation and unlocking infinite potential possibilities.
Natural | Nourish with food forests, hydrate from water springs and live life as nature. Harmonise with our circadian rhythms, when the sun is present we're awake, when it's not we're asleep.