You are the Herald of Dawn

You are the Herald of Dawn

Rooster energy calls us forth, inspiring courage, not to fear the sun but step into the radiance of our purpose. We hold the keys. May we set the billions of enslaved animals free and free ourselves in the process. With a single step, a single action today.

This art and accompanying poem is a call for us to open our eyes to atrocities of the animal ab(use) industries. The imagery portrays a goddess-like figure embracing a Rooster she rescued and is about to release. She appears in the ocean of our creation and survival, and within an aura of light stands a group of diverse activists holding keys to the sky. Doves fly freely into the universe where stars are the keyholes to dreams.

The art was inspired by my own experiences witnessing a rooster about to be killed, and events from last year with Steven: joining the Animal Rights March with Animal Rebellion in London, speaking with the community at a Surge outreach event, visiting Friend Sanctuary and preparing for our epic cycling journey.

We love talking individually with people and having open, kind and curious conversation about our relationships with animals. May the art and poem below give you a moment to reflect on the lives of animals and all involved.

You are the herald of dawn
This golden age we wake to
shake sleep’s dust from eyes
pierced by stars too bright
to hold in any cage

Arch to the rise and loosen
Your hallowed song
“Alive, alive! We are alive -
Though my voice lives
Within fragile limits

My spirit soars in opposition
to earthly bounds or notions
of time, place, duty, law,
“Free, free! I am free -
No body can hold me
No chain, poison or blade

I carry you into the next life
For a new vision has arisen
You, who greet the fiery orb
as we lay here sleeping
Guide us now to the door
Wake us with your cry

“Wake, awake!

Written by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart | Photos by Steven Tiller @steventiller featuring a rescued rooster at Friend Sanctuary.