We Invite you to…

We Invite you to…

Pull back the veil and experience your dreams in reality. Open your eyes and ears to the child within. Remember your love for animals. Remember the beauty of who you are. Turn off the TV and go play. Discover, why are you here on this planet? What is your purpose?

Sink bare feet into the soil, lift your face to the sun and rain. Discover your voice and sing your desires without judging how you sound. Cause no harm to others. Allow no one to live in captivity on your behalf. Awaken from the stupor of complicity.

Look behind the curtain to see what’s hidden from our eyes. Hear the truth of your heart. Do your own research. Witness suffering and pledge to act no part in it. Imagine yourself or your loved ones in the victim’s place.

Wrap yourself in an aura of light. Know you are always guided. You are safe. You are a part of this abundant universe for a purpose. Do what you can and do it now. If you don’t like something in your life, change it. Allow for no excuses.

Have courage to do what is best for you. This means dropping self destructive habits and reaching out for help, but knowing that only you can change yourself. Live each day as though it were your last. Love yourself fiercely. From self-love we learn to love others. Tread lightly through the world and act boldly. Hold yourself gently when you’re tired. Rest often, rest as much as you need.

Forgive relentlessly. Forgive yourself for hurts you caused to yourself and others. Take these moments as teachers who guided you. Seek no approval from others. Expectation is the thief of joy. Do not self sabotage to please others.

Live your life as a masterpiece. See yourself on a magical quest to fulfill a unique purpose. If you are unsure of your purpose, simply follow what inspires you. Take many journeys and read often. Listen to music daily and create your own soundtrack for life. Dance as though the whole world is watching. Why hide the beauty of you? Dance for joy, for love, for peace. Embody what you wish to see.

Take a single small step today. Let this be your sign.

Believe that the seemingly impossible is possible for you. It may seem to hurt to make a change, but you’ll become stronger and happier as a result. Trust this process.

What you think, you become.

Awaken and end each day with gratitude. Pause beneath the trees and give thanks. Share your gratitude abundantly. Practice non-judgement and allow others to be who they are. Trust your ability to enact change, but let go of any expectation to change people. Simply live in your truth, share your gifts and trust your manifestation powers. Let go of the outcome.

Understand where people are coming from by knowing the 10,000 things that made them. Release labels. Release judgements. Talk less, listen more. Sit in silence. Simply be silent. Allow the phoenix to burn so your higher self can rise from the ashes. Then ground into the dust. Feel the depth and darkness of Earth's mystery.

How amazing is it, that we are part of this vast cosmos, made of stars and spinning through a universe of unthinkable wonder?

Recognize we are all born into an imperfect system, but we each have a role in creating a new system. Doing things as we’ve always done them is no longer possible. Learn the impacts of each choice you make. Change what you can. Live simply. Learn how a minimalist lifestyle brings serenity to your soul. The things you own end up owning you, so relinquish your possession of things.

Clear your mind by connecting with nature. Breathe in the abundant healing energy of our Earth’s elements. Feel your connection to all life, touch your own heartbeat to hear the vitality within you. A promise greets you with each new dawn. Let the events of yesterday stay there.

Turn of the news and learn something new. Learn to play an instrument and bring music into your life. Take an online art course. Take a bikepacking trip, spend a weekend in the mountains or by the seaside.

Share the gift of you in service.

Give and receive abundantly, and consider giving non-material gifts. Your time, a smile, kind words, helpful gestures and other acts of service are all meaningful gifts. Help others. Remember to gift yourself kindness often.

Go on a solo meditation walk with Nature. Sit in a patch of trees and simply breathe. Notice the movements and energy around you. Drift into the rhythm of life. Feel content in not doing anything.

Feel the companionship of your fellow species. Adopt a plant-based lifestyle for your health, for our environment, and for the animals. Learn the true meaning of veganism and the joyful healing this philosophy brings to life. Research the protein myth and other misconceptions around veganism and consuming animals. Allow your mind to open to new ideas.

See yourself as a leader in the climate justice movement.

Research how you impact the world and pledge to help evolve into the ecological civilization. Make changes that may seem uncomfortable at first, knowing the goodness your actions are creating.

Write your own Manifesto for Life.

Live dreams that cause no harm to others.

Live your Dreality.

Written by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart | Photos by Steven Tiller @steventiller