We are All Musical Threads of a Vibrant Tapestry

We are All Musical Threads of a Vibrant Tapestry

“Do you have a gun?”

These direct words were delivered with a sparkle of mirth from the elderly person before us. She wore plump diamond earrings that caught the sun and distracted my attention.

Steven and I were packing up our tent when this individual came walking by with her dog companion and stopped for an amiable chat. Amiable is questionable. She was all smiles and well-wishes, but her words pierced.

The gun question came after she asked where I was from and I said, “The U.S.” omitting my German heritage.

When Steven told her he was from Essex, she said,

“Oh, I’m sorry for you.”

We bid her farewell after a few more awkward moments and polite smiles.

We didn’t have long to reflect on this odd exchange when another person came to us and asked in a warm Scottish dialect if he could sit on the nearby bench. Soon enough we were deep in friendly conversation.

Mike was working in the local area for the summer, not far from Fort William. It came apparent that he had big plans to travel around Asia and simultaneously develop his photography skills. We talked all things photo, travel and freedom.

That’s when another cycle tourer passed by and we called out a greeting. Loic, from France, cycled over to joined us. What followed was at least an hour, if not two or three, of conversation ranging the big topics of life. We all shared a sense of wanting to live beyond the system, desiring a presence in the world free from pressures that make us feel weighed down and trapped. Isn’t that what most of us share?

We were amazed by Loic’s bike setup, his gear included a paraglider and violin. He was out on a mini-adventure around Scotland and brought with him the instruments to explore and share the gift of music. This he shared with us to our delight.

There we were overlooking a stunning Scottish loch on a brilliant early June day, surrounded by music and the radiant energy of two people who know life has more to offer than the collective traumas of our past. We felt at peace, energized by the power of shared dreams.

Thank you Mike & Loic for your musical companionship!

As we were all getting ready to depart the same diamond earring-clad person came back with her dog friend. She was amazed to see us.

“You’re still here?!!” She exclaimed. We introduced her to our new friends and told her about the concert.

She turned to Loic and started speaking French. Then she said something about Macron and made visceral vomiting noises. Loic’s response was priceless.

He stared expressionless back at her, not saying a word.

After a few uncomfortable seconds she bid us all a good journey and went on her way.

These memories now appear as patches of a vast quilt. They come together to form the tapestry of life we are all woven within. Every encounter we have with each other is a chance to share the gift of our energy and bind the glowing threads with our words and actions. We are the makers of the threads, weaving what life places before us and how we respond into the path forward.

We savor the warmth of this journey’s quilt and mend the not-so-pleasant parts, amending our own tears, reframing our perspective and believing in the goodness of people, again and again.

A tale from our Scotland adventure in June, 2022

Written by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart | Photos by Steven Tiller @steventiller