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This Podcast episode is a teaser of what's to come. It is an audio version of one of our early blog posts "Which Path Will You Choose?". Written, spoken and edited by Karla Sanders. Recorded by Steven Tiller. See notes below for music credits, time-stamped so you can look up the artist of a song you like. Let us know in the comments what you think.

This story chronicles a cycle journey we took from England to Germany in late November to early December, 2021. It was a test ride of nearly two weeks long ahead of our official world journey launch, taking us through adventures in England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and western Germany.

Music Notes from the audio

All songs featured in the Which Path are You Choosing audio above are licensed from Epidemic Sound. We credit the artists here with gratitude:

  1. Illuminations - David Celeste 0:00
  2. Sun Kiss - Heath Cantu 1:53
  3. Into the Forest - Jacob Ahlbom 4:07
  4. Soaring Symphony - Jon Bjork 5:45
  5. Dreaming of Tomorrow - Francis Well 6:24
  6. Life Anew - Gavin Luke 8:06
  7. The Sum of All Things - Gavin Luke 9:38
  8. Nordic Shine - Savvun 12:27
  9. Storytellers - Francis Wells 13:58
  10. Steven & Karla singing Coldplay to keep warm 14:38
  11. April Snow - Gavin Luke 14:49
  12. One Defeat Means Nothing - Brightarm Orchestra 17:16
  13. Desert Dew - Alec Slayne 18:35
  14. Muddy Waters - Gavin Luke 20:18
  15. Tales of the Deep - Lama House 21:51
  16. Bloopers - Steven & Karla behind the scenes - at the end