Illustrations for Surge Sanctuary

Illustrations for Surge Sanctuary

In 2020 I reached out to Surge Sanctuary and asked about collaborating with them to support their newly formed sanctuary for rescued animals. This reach-out set off a series of events that led me to actually meeting Steven for the first time, but that's a story for another day.

For now I share the illustrations created for mugs to help raise funds for the animals. Each proposal features a different resident of the sanctuary. They've since been printed and sold at events and festivals.

The concept was to create whimsical scenes showing the vibrance of each animal and surrounding them with nature. The illustration wraps around the mug with a leafy design flowing over a landscape scene of the animals enjoying a gentle day roaming about, creating a metaphor for the meaning of sanctuary. They are safe, loved and nourished by their natural environment.

To learn more about this amazing sanctuary visit their website Surge Sanctuary. Special thanks to Tati for collaborating with me on this project, and to all those involved, thank you!

From the Surge Sanctuary's website,

"We are a newly established animal sanctuary located on an 18 acre site in the rural Midlands of England.
Our mission is to offer a lifelong, no-kill, safe haven and forever home to abused and unwanted animals."
This proposal included a line of cheeky text.

Eric's illustration with alternative text:

Written & Illustrated by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart