9 Epic Ways to Help Our Planet Today

9 Epic Ways to Help Our Planet Today

Do you sometimes feel like a very small person facing a very big wave
of seemingly endless global woes? That’s a loaded sentence and a matter of perception. The truth is that the question itself paints a limiting belief:

The idea that even small actions don’t matter is false.

Everything we do results in more than the physical outcome itself. Our actions spread out waves of energy that touch the lives of everything around us. Every good deed we do multiplies and inspires more good deeds around us, in simplest terms. We should always feel that everything we do matters.

We can move beyond the question “What Can I Do” to follow through with “This is What I am Doing” and feel that at every moment of the way, you are enough.

This is an invitation to realize the awesomeness within you.

Start anywhere you can. Feel signficant and important with your actions, because you and your actions are. So here are 9 ideas of actions we can take today.


Become informed from planet-first resources, not the mainstream news.

Being informed is the place to start. Listen to a podcast on the topic every day, such as Sustainababble – a comedy (but informative) podcast about the environment – and read every day. Here are two links to begin with:


Be open to changing your philosophy and lifestyle for the betterment of the planet, animals and your health.

Most of us have the choice to become vegan, unless we live in extreme food deserts. After watching Earthling Ed’s video, we recommend Dominion and Game Changers (producer James Cameron) to help educate yourself on how much good a plant-based diet really does.

Whether you agree with labels or not, veganism is philosophy of life rooted in social justice, ecological justice, animal rights and environmental protection. The vegan philosophy advocates for peace and an end to global corrupt systems of oppression and discrimination.

Here we advocate for 3 foundational principles of a vegan philsophy:

  1. ANIMALS: Veganism protects all animals from harm and suffering.
  2. PLANET: Veganism protects the natural world and all other species.
  3. PEOPLE: Veganism protects social welfare and prevents major diseases.


Support groups and individuals enacting change.

Support other activists, even for a few dollars a month. Surge Activism is a research-focused investigative non-profit and vibrant platform to discover resources, activists and leaders who dedicate their energy to environmental justice work for humans and animals alike. Groups like Viva! Charity also feature projects creating solutions through legal actions and public campaigns. Our Patrons are enabling you to read this now.


Engage in conversation, share your voice.

Not everyone can be on the streets, but we can all make waves on social media and within our own circles. Consider starting an account around advocacy or start a local action group with your friends and family.

Consider your unique gifts and the many ways you can advocate that are encouraging and uplifting. Always wanted to write a children's book? Start a blog? Learn photography? Document the personal changes you are making to inspire others? These are a few of many ideas you can explore personal advocacy. We know about the dire circumstances, so what can we do? We've got plenty of ideas, so let's get in touch!


Take charge of your circumstances and shift what you can in your own life.

Do work that inspires you. If you’re interested in joining efforts to protect our natural world, consider adapting your career to align with this. A personal example from our end: For a short time Karla worked at a steel company as a graphic designer and it was a good entry-level job in the world of 8-5 careers. But she didn’t feel good in an industry that pollutes our world to the extreme. Instead she gradually shifted to work as an illustrator focused on advocacy while developing projects that align with her mission.

Sometimes we may feel trapped within our jobs but often that feeling comes from fear or self-limiting beliefs. Check out the Art of Non-Conformity for a place to gather ideas and boost your self esteem. You've got this!


Where are you spending your energy and resources?

We are unique beings with beating hearts and thinking brains, bundles of energy flying through space yet grounded on Earth. Within us flow ideas and abundant potential. Where are we spending our energy? Your thoughts are precious, shaping the trajectory of your life and those around you. How are you investing in yourself and for the planet?

When it comes to physical resources like money, how we spend it is a vote either for or against the planet. How can we reduce waste? Support products that are least harmful?

Learn about efforts to switch to renewables in your local community. Often there are co-ops or groups you can join, or consider options for your own home. Take things a step further by researching off-grid communities. There are likely alternative living communities near you and these are inspiring places to see how people are living abundant lives with less harm to the planet.


From political action to street activism, feel your power!

While we are firm believers in tiny individual actions, change must happen at the deep systemic level. Overhaul it all. Corruption abounds in our politics, from industries financially supporting politicans to massive under-representations of People of Color and Indigenous voices.

While we still live in this system, we need laws to enforce a new global paradigm that prioritizes non-fossil fuel technology and nature-first action. The money of industry is deeply intwined with politics, but we need only to look at history to understand how persistence has changed extremely harmful and unjust circumstances. Check out the Sunrise Movement to become involved and read “The F-Word Finally Enters Climate Politics” on Scientific American.


We love chatting with young people who radiate with conviction and bright new ideas. Let's let the youth lead! They are our future.

It’s amazing to see younger generations taking action and they need our help too. Global climate strikes have been taking place across the world showing that “we have the people power we need to solve the climate crisis and end the age of fossil fuels” in the words of GlobalClimateStrike.net. Check out their More You Can Do for creative options.


See yourself as a vibrant leader in these times.

YOU are a miracle on this Earth. YOU have a beautiful voice, whether you can physically speak or not. While many events may seem far beyond your control, think about what you can control.

Think of every purchase made as a decision for our natural world. Can you buy reused instead of new? When buying new can you support a more eco-conscience business? Are you able to donate to a non-profit in the realm of environmental advocacy? Can you start a talking circle within your own community to raise more awareness about the issues you care about?

The first thing we can do is start a conversation today. Bring up the topic in your home, help to inspire your family and friends and share these ideas with your personal communities.

Written by Karla Sanders @karlasandersart | Photos by Steven Tiller @steventiller